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mdp_macros.h File Reference

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#define CHECK_ALL
#define MDP_MPI
#define forallsites(x)   for(x.start(); x.is_in();
 Loop on all local siltes of this process.
#define forallsitesofparity(x, pofx)
#define forallsitesandcopies(x)   for(x.start(), x.idx=0; x.idx<x.lattice().nvol; x.idx++)
 Loop on all sites stored by this process.
#define forallsitesandcopiesofparity(x, pofx)
 Loop on all sites stored by this process with given parity.
#define ME
 Returns the unique id of this process.
#define Nproc   mpi.nproc()
 Returns the total number of parallel processes for this job.
#define error(a)   _mpi_error_message(a,__FILE__, __LINE__);
 Reports a runtime error and the line that caused it.

Detailed Description

Massimo Di Pierro <>
Contains class mdp_macros

This file is copyrighted by MetaCryption LLC Read attached license in file mdp_license.pdf This file cannot be distributed without file mdp_license.pdf

Define Documentation

#define forallsitesandcopiesofparity x,
pofx   ) 


for(int __process=0; __process<Nproc; __process++)          \
     for(x.start(), x.idx=x.lattice().start[__process][pofx % 2];           \
         x.idx<x.lattice().stop[__process][(pofx+(pofx % 2))/2]; \
Loop on all sites stored by this process with given parity.

#define forallsitesofparity x,
pofx   ) 


for(x.start(), x.idx=x.lattice().start[ME][pofx % 2];               \
      x.idx<x.lattice().stop[ME][(pofx+(pofx % 2))/2];     \
Loop on all local sites of this process with given parity If pofx is EVENODD=2 then loops on even and odd sites

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