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container for action parameters More...

#include <fermiqcd_coefficients.h>

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Public Member Functions

bool has_key (const string s) const

Detailed Description

container for action parameters

All FermiQCD actions are classe and share the same prototype. Parameters are passed to the action via coefficients objects which are nothing more than hash tables.


///    gauge_field U(lattice,nc);
///    coefficients gauge;
///    gauge["beta"]=6.0;
///    WilsonGaugeAction::heatbath(U,gauge);

Please check the spalling of the variables you store into the coefficients object (each action has its own coefficients).

Why? This allows the creating of new actions while reusing inverters and simplify passing parameters to the action.

Member Function Documentation

bool coefficients::has_key ( const string  s  )  const [inline]

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