DWFermiActionSlow Class Reference

domain wall action (SORRY THIS IS SLOW) More...

#include <fermiqcd_dwfermi_actions.h>

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Static Public Member Functions

static void mul_Q (dwfermi_field &psi_out, dwfermi_field &psi_in, gauge_field &U, coefficients &coeff)

Detailed Description

domain wall action (SORRY THIS IS SLOW)

Notation from ref. hep-lat/0007038 Example:

/// gauge_field U(lattice,nc);
/// dwfermi_field psi(lattice,nc);
/// dwfermi_field chi(lattice,nc);
/// coefficients coeff;
/// coeff["m_f"]=0.11; // fermion mass
/// coeff["m_5"]=0.11; // mass in 5th dimension
/// default_dwfermi_action=DWFermiActionSlow::mul_Q;
/// mul_Q(chi,psi,U,coeff);

Note that mul_Q(chi,psi,U,coeff) reads $ \chi=(/\!\!\!D[U]+m)\psi $

Member Function Documentation

static void DWFermiActionSlow::mul_Q ( dwfermi_field psi_out,
dwfermi_field psi_in,
gauge_field U,
coefficients coeff 
) [inline, static]

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