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the conjugate gradient inverter More...

#include <fermiqcd_cg_inverter.h>

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Static Public Member Functions

template<class fieldT , class fieldG >
static inversion_stats inverter (fieldT &psi_out, fieldT &psi_in, fieldG &U, coefficients &coeff, mdp_real absolute_precision=mdp_precision, mdp_real relative_precision=0, int max_steps=2000, bool qdaggerq=false)

Detailed Description

the conjugate gradient inverter

It inverts mul_Q(psi_out,psi_in,U,coeff) ///not really

psi_out the output field passed by reference
psi_in the input field passed by reference
U the gauge field to be passed to mul_Q
coeff the gauge parameters to be passed to mul_Q
absolute_precision the target absolute precision
relative_precision the target relative precision
max_steps the maximum number of steps


/// gauge_field U(lattice,nc);
/// fermi_field psi(lattice,nc);
/// fermi_field chi(lattice,nc);
/// coefficinets coeff;
/// coeff["kappa"]=1.12;
/// U.load("myfield");
/// psi.load("myfield_psi");
/// CG2::inverter(chi,psi,U,coeff);

Note that mul_invQ(chi,psi,U,coeff) reads $ \chi=(/\!\!\!D[U]+m)^{-1}\psi $

Member Function Documentation

template<class fieldT , class fieldG >
static inversion_stats CG2::inverter ( fieldT &  psi_out,
fieldT &  psi_in,
fieldG &  U,
coefficients coeff,
mdp_real  absolute_precision = mdp_precision,
mdp_real  relative_precision = 0,
int  max_steps = 2000,
bool  qdaggerq = false 
) [inline, static]

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